-- NEXT STEP INSTRUCTIONS for your Custom House Plans --

If you decide to use Bill Lyon Enterprises for your design needs:

Your next step is to fill out the Questionnaire. It is a bit long and takes a few minutes to fill out, but information left out at this step usually leads to delays in the design process. If you have any sketches, layouts or photos depicting you home design you can upload them at the end of the questionnaire. If you don't have anything ready to upload, you can upload them later at Contact Us or attach them to an email. (Another alternative is to take a picture of your sketches with a camera phone and send to 662-893-3395. Make sure there is enough light when you take the photo that the 'white' in the picture is actually white and not a grainy grey color.) You may like to visit the Construction Links page for some innovative construction ideals.

If you have an idea of how large you want each room, please include that information in your sketch. Do not bog yourself down at this point trying to decide on too many details, they will be very easy to deal with after the first few rough drafts are done.

(After we get started on your plans please try to make all communication by email or fax. This eliminates any verbal communication errors that may arise. It also allows for a much faster work flow because work is not interrupted at random intervals to address issues by telephone.)

Please do not expect the first few drafts of your floor plans to be what you have envisioned! The focus of the first draft will be to locate the exterior and interior walls. As work progresses, doors, plumbing fixtures, windows...roof will be added. I will likely send many plan drafts to you for you to look over and approve or change* before the plans are finalized.

IMPORTANT: After I start sending you your floor plan revisions, you will be able to view your house plans in 3D on your own PC using the Client Viewer. Download and install your free copy now by going to http://www.chiefarchitect.com/resources/viewerrequest.php. After you install the viewer, please go to the Context Tab on the help menu and, at the very least, read the section on Render Views. The Render Views tool will give you the best images of your plan.

* While I can re-draw the interior layout many time to get it right, the exterior of the house is not so easily done. We need to agree on the exterior and roofline after two or three attempts to stay within the standard plan pricing. Also, any special details you desire, either inside or outside, should be addressed in the Finishing Schedule that you will fill out and attach to the final plan sets.

NOTE: These plans do not have any type of architectural or engineering stamp or sign-off.

Most areas do not require an engineer or architect to sign off on home construction drawings. Some areas requiring stamped architectural drawings are earthquake prone regions of California and the Pacific Coast, hurricane risk areas of Florida as well as both the Gulf and Carolina Coasts. Parts of New York, New Jersey, Nevada, Illinois and Virginia may also require review by a professional. (if you are required to have a stamp or sign-off on my plans, you will need to find a local Civil Engineer that offers that service.) Contact your local building department to find out if they have any specific building requirements. I follow the 2009 IRC (International Residential Code) in my building designs.

Again, Thank you for considering Bill Lyon Enterprises for your design needs.

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