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 Here are some of my plans...
2,724 SqFt 5BR 4BA
Allen 3D terrain overview.jpg (118071 bytes) Allen 1st floor.jpg (111187 bytes) Allen 2nd floor.jpg (110691 bytes) Allen 3D overview.jpg (50569 bytes)

Allen front.jpg (131929 bytes) Allen rear.jpg (140042 bytes) Allen right.jpg (139384 bytes)  Allen left.jpg (138580 bytes) click to view plan set

No wasted space here.  This is a great family plan that even has a separate den for the children.


3.615 SqFt 3BR 3.5BA
gilmore 3D terrain.jpg (132766 bytes) gilmore floorplan.jpg (156158 bytes) gilmore front.jpg (71754 bytes) gilmore rear.jpg (95675 bytes)  gilmore right.jpg (101821 bytes) gilmore left.jpg (102501 bytes)
Great for entertainment. Huge open area. Dog kennel attached to garage.


HorseHouse IIID ICF
1,799 SqFt 3BR 2BA
Horsehouse IIID ICF 3D overview.jpg (114720 bytes) Horsehouse IIID floorplan.jpg (145110 bytes) Horsehouse IIID front terrain.jpg (83352 bytes) Horsehouse IIID front.jpg (62932 bytes) Horsehouse IIID rear.jpg (42081 bytes) Horsehouse IIID right.jpg (61516 bytes) Horsehouse IIID left.jpg (57612 bytes)
This is a House/Barn combination with energy efficient ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) walls. The barn area includes 4 stalls, loft, tack room and wash area.


HorseHouse IID ICF
1,384 SqFt 2BR 1BA
 Horsehouse IID ICF 3D.png (530753 bytes) Horsehouse IID ICF F1.jpg (173424 bytes)  Horsehouse IID ICF front.jpg (85355 bytes) Horsehouse IID ICF back.jpg (149318 bytes) Horsehouse IID ICF right.jpg (85932 bytes) Horsehouse IID ICF left.jpg (77646 bytes) Horsehouse IID ICF FtRt 3D.jpg (196305 bytes)
This is a House/Barn combination with energy efficient ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) walls. The barn area includes 4 stalls, loft, tack room and wash area.


5,760 SqFt 3BR 2BA
KPinto 3D front.png (295114 bytes) KPinto F0.png (27593 bytes) KPinto F1.png (28898 bytes) KPinto F2.png (32410 bytes) KPinto 3D overview.png (300026 bytes) KPinto 3D back.png (207100 bytes)
This is very a 'green' plan utilizing ICF and SIP walls in the construction. It includes a full, finished, basement and a 3 car garage.


3,045 SqFt 5BR 3.5BA
 MVC-319F.JPG (77259 bytes) CSmith01 floor 1.jpg (75261 bytes) CSmith01 3D.jpg (24118 bytes)
The SMITH is a spacious layout with an attached parent's wing.


5,246 SqFt 3BR 2.5BA
 FDavis03 3D.jpg (20746 bytes)FDavis03_p.jpg (98423 bytes)  
The DAVIS uses, concrete, pre-fabricated 'Superior Walls' to deal with the northern state's short building season. It features an indoor pool and large rooms.


5,500 SqFt 3BR 2.5BA
 MVC-321F.JPG (94721 bytes) EJ-02 F1.jpg (113946 bytes)
The Joyce has large rooms everywhere with approx 2,000 feet in the upstairs bonus area.


3,700 SqFt 4BR 3.5BA
 MVC-325F.JPG (90571 bytes) DAN-A03 F1.jpg (113921 bytes) DAN-A03 F2.jpg (81918 bytes)DAN-A03 render ft.jpg (196448 bytes)
This is a very comfortable plan with lots of rooms.


2,489 SqFt 4BR 3BA
    THarris 01 3D.jpg (27478 bytes)THarris 01 F1.jpg (163858 bytes)  THarris 01 F2.jpg (116661 bytes) click to view plan set
Here you have a 4 bedroom with office and game room.


3,469 SqFt 4BR 3.5BA
 TimS03 3D.jpg (38411 bytes) TimS03 F1.jpg (162449 bytes) TimS03 F2.jpg (52693 bytes)
Lots of rooms including bonus room, office and a 3 car garage.


5,588 SqFt 5BR 5BA
 GLang03 3D overFR.jpg (36972 bytes) GLaing03 floor 1.jpg (82235 bytes) GLaing03 floor 2.jpg (70776 bytes)
This is a beautiful plan that includes a nursing wing.


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